M&D Photo Shoot

Project Description


M&D Production Mission Statement:
From the products we purchase, to the pages we turn, and the shows we watch. Each time subliminally we judge whether or not the image or video is pleasing or appealing.

All of us share the hat of consumer and producer. Each armed with the almighty opinion.

The goal is simple…
Satisfy you all.
At M&D production, it is planned, prepared, and carried out in a professional manner. There is no other way to conduct business and relish each opportunity to establish just that.


Project Details

    Producer: Uni Media, LLC
    Photographers: Mike McPherson Jr, Darrin Bourgeois
    MUA: Kureja Enjoli, Beatriz Serrano
    Hairstylist: Kureja Enjoli, Beatriz Serrano
    Models: Alez Barron, Katherine WIlkes, Rowan Glenn, Amanda Krystal, Christian De Andrew, Charlie Rude, Joycelyn Mc Elveen
    Crew: Drew Johnson, Noma Abbe, Mike Strong
    Studio: ValleyPhotoStudio

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